Fall Mini Sessions | Raleigh Portrait Photographer

Fall is here! Time to schedule your family photography session in time for holiday cards and prints!

Currently booking portrait sessions for October; I have a limited amount of sittings available. Please email me for more information to book. Each session includes one high res file for your holiday card.

I love referral business, so please let your friends know!

This year I will photograph portraits again at CAM for Exposure Time on November 4th. These sessions sell out quickly. Contact CAM to book your session. Many of you have requested studio portraits, contact me to secure your spot.


Dogs of Raleigh | Pet Portraits

Have you ever tried to take a portrait of your pet? Have you ever tried to use a white seamless and talk to your dog and convince them to stay while trying to take a photo with a ton of treats?!

These pet portraits are my first attempt photographing dogs. We had a blast and I was covered in dog hair after...but it was well worth it. Just make sure you have a ton of treats and don't run out!

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CAM | Raleigh Portrait Photographer

For the last few years CAM (Contemporary Art Museum) has Exposure Time over a weekend in November. Many photographers participate to take portraits of various families and couples.

I love being involved in the art community and each year I have met some amazing families that sign up to have their portraits taken. I love portraits of children especially because they are so open and their expressions are priceless. Being involved with CAM takes me back to my college days at Savannah College of Art and Design

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MA Allen | Raleigh Family Photographer

This family is amazing.  I am lucky to photograph this family over the last few years here in Raleigh and at the beach over the last few Summers.

We have one tiny ballerina that loves the camera and one even tinier one who is a bit camera shy.

MA, the beautiful mama in these photographs, is a  brilliant designer here in Raleigh.  I have been  inspired by MA and her family. She’s the kind of person you are just drawn to because of her joy, her smile, and the way she truly lives such beautiful, victorious life in every area of her life...with amazing taste.

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Olivia | Raleigh Newborn Photographer

Newborn Sessions are pretty special. I remind myself as often as possible to go with the flow in newborn sessions. That being said, I do have an agenda that I follow when I go into a family’s home to shoot. But… at the end of the day, there’s one tiny person who really determines how sessions go!

Newborn Sessions typically flow naturally: I do pictures of the baby alone first, and then finish up the session doing lifestyle images of baby and family – which is when baby starts to wind down a bit but mom can keep him calm for pictures. Feeding and soothing are always necessary amidst that routine, for the most part.

Olivia's parents, Chad and Caroline, were so great about going with the flow – I can’t tell you how helpful it is when mom and dad are on board with being flexible! Sure enough, all it took was some attention from her momma and daddy before she settled right down for her solo shots… she was absolutely perfect.