Dogs of Raleigh | Pet Portraits

I love dogs...and cats!

Have you ever tried to take a portrait of your pet? Have you ever tried to use a white seamless and talk to your dog and convince them to stay while trying to take a photo with a ton of treats?! These pet portraits are my first attempt photographing dogs. We had a blast and I was covered in dog hair after...but it was well worth it. Just make sure you have a ton of treats and don't run out!

Meet Luna, Pepper, Milo + Tiny. Luna + Pepper are rescue dogs from Saving Grace. We have an ongoing discussion in our house on when we will adopt a dog. I am actually a cat lady - ! My kids really want a dog, I do as well and there are many dogs and cats that need homes and love. These dogs were great having their portrait taken, it was hysterical actually - I wish we had it all on video.

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